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Dr Yash Paul Soni (Book Author) was born and raised outside the city of Shimla, in the beautiful mountain state of Himalayas. Growing up, After finishing high school in Shimla, I moved to New Delhi. Here, I pursued my further education, where I graduated in 1966 from Delhi University, and soon after, I had plans to move abroad for further studies. I was very determined to go to the UK with a view to earn and learn. Though coming from a middle-class family, it was a tough call for my family to support my dreams.
I arrived in the UK in 1966 with very little money, bitter cold, not knowing what to expect. Only to make my dreams a reality. No doubt, my early years were very hard, and adjusting to every new was a big struggle. While I studied, I worked hard during the holidays and the weekends and paid my way through. I can say with pride that was the time I learned to deal and survive under extremely difficult times.

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